Steve Barlow

"Our mission is to bring people and wildlife together."

Our Story

Steve Barlow began WI for one reason, to bring people and wildlife together in a positive way. Growing up in north Florida Steve knew at an early age his life would be devoted to wildlife. After 5 years in the US Army Steve attended Pittsburg State University earning his B.S. in biology and chemistry he then transferred to The University of Florida where he earned his MS in Soil & Water Science and Wildlife Ecology.

Steve began designing and building bat houses at his first job with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission back in 1999. Later working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service Steve continued to develop a variety of design tweaks and installation techniques to create larger bat houses more conducive to public viewing. Through much trial and error bat houses became more successful at attracting bats and providing a quality wildlife viewing opportunity for the public.

Our latest design allows for the land manager, park ranger, or private landowner to easily purchase and install a community sized bat house. Which in turn provides one of the most spectacular wildlife viewing experiences on earth. This experience fosters a love of nature and bats in many people every year, making many local wildlife areas the highlight of their community. Thereby helping to accomplish our mission of bringing wildlife and people together in a positive way.